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Items Wanted
Looking for something in particular?  A clock, or a part?  Send us an email with a description of the item sought,include a picture if possible.  Well post your ad here! 

Carved feet for an early clock

We have a customer looking for small carved feet for an early clock.  If you have some available contact Carroll at hortonclocks@aol.com, or call Carroll at 859 381-8633.  (1/21/17)

Wood movement for a Leavenworth miniature clock

Gerald Siegal is looking for a small or miniature wooden movement to go in a Mark Leavenworth miniature clock.  If you have such a movement, or even a similar clock you would part with, please contact Gerald at gsiegel@knology.net or 706-992-8105.   (1/21/17)

Ansonia No. 1 Swinger, Ansonia Banjo No. 1, 2, or 3, E Howard No. 11 Keyhole

Bill DeVore is looking for a several uncommon clocks in good condition:  An Ansonia Swinger No. 1; an Ansonia Banjo, No. 1, 2, or 3; an E. Howard No. 11 Keyhole.  If you have one of these rare models that you would like to part with please contact Bill at bill@tntproperties.com or call him at 704 564-4591.  (1/21/17)

Seth Thomas Regulator No. 6, Waltham Miniature banjo

James Bond (007) is looking for a Seth Thomas # 6  antique wall regulator in nice shape:Nice dial, all original case, glass, finials etc...and also a Waltham miniature banjo clock...all original in nice shape....thanks....contact him at bojam924@gmail.com or 858 278-3007.   (1/21/17)

Original Birge & Fuller 8-Day wagonspring, Salem bridge with seconds hand, Waterbury Regulator no. 34 in rosewood 

I would like a nice, original birge and fuller 8 day wagon spring, Salem bridge with seconds hand, and a Waterbury #34 in rosewood. thank you.  Lamar Hamil  601-278-4232 please text.  lamarhamil@yahoo.com      (1/21/17)

Dial and Surround for seth thomas hecla 

Wanted dial and dial surround for Seth Thomas Hecla mantle clock.  Would prefer walnut, but would accept oak or cherry.  David Hanna  hanna1405@sbcglobal.net or 317 202-0980        (2/3/17)

Waltham weighted banjo

William Gauer is looking for Waltham weighted banjo.  Reach him at 541 673-8489.        (2/5/17)


Keith Jackson is looking for any clock made by the French company Henry-LePaute .  Reach him at kajackson03@embarqmail.com . (2/5/17)

southern label clocks

Ross Burton is looking for antique clocks with Southern labels (made in Southern US), especially South Carolina labels.  Let him know what you have at iammoles@aol.com. (803) 718-4119.  (2/5/17)

Ansonia Royal Bonn porcelain No. 507

Lawrence Wheaton is looking for an Ansonia porcelain clock, No. 507.  Contact him at lpwheaton@charter.net or 262 677-2541 .   (2/28/17)

Waterbury folklore hanging clock

We have a customer needing a clock for his museum: Waterbury Folk-Lore hanging oak clock depicting the 3 singers or vocalists.  It is one of 4 clocks Waterbury made as their Folk-Lore series. The other 3 clocks are - Pilgrims, Soldiers, and Hunter with a Turkey.  Contact Carroll at hortonclocks@aol.com or 859 381-8633 .   (2/28/17)

Seth Thomas No. 18

Ken Hays is looking for Seth Thomas No. 18 in cherry or walnut, with a nickel weight and bob; clock needs to be in excellent condition.  Contact him at haysk@yahoo.com or 937-212-4077.   (2/28/17)


James Bond (007) is looking for a Gilbert Hollywood clock, all original and in nice shape. These are 8" x 24" wall clocks.   Thanks....contact him at bojam924@gmail.com or 858 278-3007.   (3/24/17)

Early battery-powered wall and shelf clocks

Jim Krause is looking for early battery powered wall and shelf clocks especially those by American manufacturers.  Some of the companies are AMERICAN CLOCK CO., BULLE, ELECTRO CLOCK CO., EUREKA, NEW YORK STANDARD, REMPE, SEMPIRE, SOHM, TRINITY, EVER READY, NATIONAL SELF WINDING CO., AND OTHERS.  Photo and price please.  jwkrause@verizon.net (3/30/17)


Vintage clock parts

A 25 year collection of vintage clock parts including 50+ verges (some with escape wheel), 50+ suspension rods and hangers and 50+ assorted hands including hour, minute, seconds and calendar.

sellers_direct001030.jpg sellers_direct001029.jpg sellers_direct001028.jpg

Seth Thomas No. 2

Seth Thomas #2 1930’s re-issue. Eight-day time-only weight-driven movement with seconds bit. Oak case, 12” dial, 34” tall with beveled lower glass. Movement serviced and running. The dial screw holes have been moved to reattach the dial to the case and the weight cord has been replaced. Everything else appears to be correct and original.



Seller:  Roger McCoy
Location:  Atlanta GA
Price:  $495 or best offer
Shipping:   Yes or delivery to Mid-South Regional 
Contact:    rofer112@hotmail.com

UpdatedJuly 5

sellers_direct001027.jpg sellers_direct001026.jpg sellers_direct001025.jpg sellers_direct001024.jpg sellers_direct001021.jpg sellers_direct001020.jpg

french bell-strike movement

Bill DeVore is looking for French bell-strike movement with a glass bezel for an old Black Forest clock case. The case movement opening is 4" in diameter and 5" deep. The current movement is a replacement and while the pendulum is correct for the movement (4-1/2") it is too long for the case. The case requires a 3" to 3-1/2" pendulum length (as indicated by the numbers typically found on the movement back plate, lower center...Pouces & Lignes). I need a movement plate marked "3 0" to maybe "3 8" (ie. I can modify the case opening floor slightly, maybe 1/2-3/4"). I do not need the bell, pendulum (I have several that will work) or the rear case/movement door. A few pics are attached of the case opening & current, incorrect movement.  please contact Bill at bill@tntproperties.com or call him at 704 564-4591.  (4/11/17)

sellers_direct001019.jpg sellers_direct001018.jpg

seth thomas garfield dial pan and bezel

Wayne Herrmann is looking for a Seth Thomas "Garfield" dial pan including bezel & beauty ring.  I think the same dial pan was used on the Seth Thomas "Lincoln" & "Flora."  Contact me at rway51@aol.com or call Wayne Herrmann 913-432-6374.  (4/12/17)

6-ball torsion pendulum for Crane year clock

Norman Tallan wants to buy a six-ball torsion pendulum for an Aaron Crane Year Clock (see photo).  If you have one for sale or know where one might be available, please contact me at tallannm@sbcglobal.net or call me anytime at (614)753-1331.  (4/14/17)

Clock repairer needed in Cincinnati OH and jacksonville FL

Bob Crowder is looking for a clock repair person to support his shop in Cincinnati and also in Jacksonville FL, his new home.  This can be full- or part-time.  If you are interested, or know someone who might be, contact Bob at Bob@Proclocks.com(4/14/17)

Welch "General Lee" and Ingraham "Maine"

Roger Goodfellow is looking for a Welch “General Lee” Figurehead clock and an Ingraham “Maine” clock.  Contact him at Tigger_x46@hotmail.com (4/19/17)

Listings expire after 6 months

Seth thomas sterling and Normandy

Jeffrey Smith is looking to buy two city series clocks: Sterling and Normandy.  Jsmith@bswllc.com 314-749-7711(5/3/17)

weights for a Carter Calendar clock

Todd Porter is looking for two 5-6 lb weights for a Carter calendar clock.  Round weights would be ideal, but rectangular would work; in either case they can't be more than 2.25 inches in one dimension and 2.5" in the other (any length is fine).  Call or email todd9012@gmail.com  (859) 312-9012 (5/17/17)

Seller:  Don Hellstern
Location:  Overland Park, KS
Price:  $75 or best offer
Shipping:   Yes
Contact:    srhellstern@sbcglobal.net

UpdatedJune 21

Decal/transfer for Pequegnat clock

Myles Away (!) is looking for a transfer/decal and a pendulum bob adjustment nut for a Pequegnat King Edward clock.  Myleaway@hotmail.com  (6/7/17)

salem bridge, Birge & Fuller 8-day wagon spring, Fashion No. 6 black dial, seth thomas No. 3 in nickel

Lamar Hamil is looking for: A Salem Bridge clock, an 8-day wagon spring, a Fashion No. 6 with a black dial, and a Seth Thomas No. 3 with a nickel weight and pulley.  If you have one to spare contact him at lamarhamil@yahoo.com.  (6/8/17)

Ingraham huron

Don Hansen is looking to purchase an Ingraham Huron clock in good working condition and is willing to pay a reasonable top dollar for a good specimen.  Contact him at drqwerty@aol.com (6/8/17)


Ithaca No. 0 Bank Calendar

Very impressive Ithaca Calendar Clock Co. No. Zero Bank.  Ca. 1880.  Eight day, weight driven time and perpetual calendar in walnut case.  Attractive case, original dark walnut finish. Intricate fret work, carved ornaments. Original glass, hands, weights , and pendulum with nickel bob. Bottom trim missing (has been used as a shelf clock), but is available from third party vendors.  Case: 61” high.  The clock has been in the family since it was new.  Time and calendar movements have been recently serviced and are in good running order.

Seller:  Anne Baltuskonis
Location:  Kerrville TX
Price:  $9500 or best offer
Shipping:   Pick-up
Contact:  830-896-3093

Posted:  June 13

sellers_direct001014.jpg sellers_direct001011.jpg sellers_direct001010.jpg

Ithaca No. 11 Octagon calendar movement

Larry Triplett is looking for a calendar movement for an Ithaca No. 11 Octagon, one with the four screw-down pattern rather than the J-hooks.   Call him at 336-803-5496 or email a pic to satchtrip@gmail.com (6/18/17)

Price cut!

colonial clock co. tall case 8-bell chime

Christensen's Clockworks is looking for a Colonial tall-case clock for a customer who lost theirs in a fire. See photo.  Contact them at info@cclockworks.com.   (6/27/17)

sellers_direct001007.jpg sellers_direct001006.jpg

New Haven "Vamoose" 30-day double-wind

Oak case.  45 inches high.  Listed for $10.80 in 1898 Jewelers wholesale catalog.  Replaced lower finial, replaced left upper return, replaced paper dial, replaced left side glass.  Small chip in oak dial surround (see photo).  I will repair if desired.  I haven't cleaned it in 30 years, but it is running fine.

Seller:  Dean Halderson
Location:  Kalamazoo, MI
Price:  $700
Shipping:   Pick-up preferred but will ship
Contact: dean.halderson@wmich.edu

Posted:  July 2

New Listing!
Price cut!

tops and bottoms

Jeff Beeler is looking for a bottom for Sessions # 5 Two weight Time only Regulator. Top for Newhaven Columbia in oak. Bottom drop or Finials for Ithaca #0 Bank clock.  Contact him at 210-262-5036, rusty_stuff46@yahoo.com (7/6/17)

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