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E. Howard Model 75

Chris Shrubsall is looking for an E. Howard Model 75, original or reissue.  Contact him at 1951@gmail.com or 912 552-7890  (2/4/18)


New York Standard Watch Co. Pendulum

Duane Robeck is looking for a pendulum for a New York Standard Watch Co. short drop wall clock.  Contact him at duaner@bevcomm.net  (2/22/18)

E. Howard No. 70 movement and dial

Jeff Beeler is looking for an E. Howard No. 70 movement and 12-inch dial.  Contact him at 210-262-5036,rusty_stuff46@yahoo.com (3/6/18)

Seth Thomas No. 10 Office Calendar dial

Jeff Beeler is looking for a calendar dial for a Seth Thomas No. 10 Office Calendar wall clock.  The clock is walnut; he has the bezel and dial board.  Contact him at 210-262-5036, rusty_stuff46@yahoo.com (3/8/18)

New York Standard clock movement

Paul Finley is looking for a New York Standard Clock Co. 60-beat movement with a sweep second hand and pendulum (8-inch bob and fancy rating nut).  Contact him at pfinley826@aol.com (3/16/18)

Replacement dials for an ingraham ionic calendar

William Wyman is looking for upper and lower replacement dials for Ingraham Ionic calendar wall clock.  The upper dial has an 11-inch time ring and Sunday-Saturday.  The lower dial has a 10-inch time ring with 1-31 and Jan-Dec.  ).  If you can help or know someone who can contact him at wawyman@att.net  (3/22/18)

Bell and bracket for george hoff tall case

Allyn Carlson is looking for a bell and bracket for a  George Hoff tall case clock movement.  Contact him at carlsoncompanies@verizon.net  (4/7/18)

Pendulum for self-wiinding gallery clock

Nathan Chapman is looking for a pendulum and hardware for a  Self-winding gallery clock (shown).    Contact him at fitter152@yahoo.com   (4/8/18)

National self-winding dial and/or bezel

Jim Krause is looking for complete National Self Winding dial and bezel or just the bezel. These were used on the time and strike shelf models.  I am quite sure it is a standard US Manufacturer bezel but to date have not been able to match it up.  See photos.  Contact him at jwkrause@verizon.net   (4/16/18)



Nickel weights for a Seth thomas lincoln or garfield

Lamar Hamil is looking for a a pair of nickel weights for a  Seth Thomas Lincoln or Garfield.  Contact him at lamarhamil@yahoo.com (4/23/18)

Round-bottom or keyhole clock

Ken Hays is looking for a Seth Thomas Round Bottom "Keyhole" Clock in Mahogany, Oak  OR  a New Haven Round Bottom (8 day-weight) Clock, Model "Glenor" in Walnut.  Clock needs to be in excellent condition.  Contact him at haysk@yahoo.com  or 937-212-4077.  (4/24/18)


30-day weight-driven atkins movement

Mark Mitchell is looking for a 30 day weight driven "upside down" Atkins movement for an empty case

belonging to the Peabody Library in Baltimore, MD. If possible, I would like to find the movement as part of a restoration project.  Contact him at marktime43@hotmail.com  or 410 837-7055 (5/2/18)

Terry-type long pendulum wooden movement

Anthony Weck is in search of a Terry-type 30-hour, long-pendulum wooden works movement.  I would prefer something attributed to Samuel Terry, as it is a Samuel Terry clock in which I would install the movement, but any Terry movement of this type would do.  I seek a movement that is in good shape, good running order, ready to install and run.  Contacthim at weckac@urbanaillinois.us  or 217 328-8253 (5/5/18)

Seth Thomas musical composers clocks

Robert Psurny is looking to purchase Novelty clocks by Seth Thomas named after music composers.  Seth Thomas book description says Metal novelty, One day, 2 inch porcelain dial. Bronze top and base. Rich gold pillars and center. Height 8 inches. Price $6.30 ca.1906. Page 633 in Tranís Third Edition, Volume 2 Seth Thomas book.  Seth Thomas book lists Mozart, Shakespeare, Schiller, Wagner and Goethe.   Contact him at rpsurny@williams-net.com (5/8/18)

Gilbert no. 9 movement and pendulum

Paul Finley is looking for a Gilbert no. 9 movement and pendulum.  Contact him at pfinley826@aol.com or 330 933 1190  (5/14/18)


Ansonia "Gloria" Swinger

Bill DeVore is looking for an Ansonia "Gloria" swinger in original condition.  Contact Bill at bill@tntproperties.com or call him at 704 564-4591.  (5/14/18)

Kroeber No. 30 wall clock

Bond, James Bond, is looking for a No. 30 Kroeber wall clock in decent shape.  Contact him at bojam924@gmail.com or 858 278-3007  (5/20/18)



Dennis Kaser is looking for a Seth Thomas No. 1 regulator wall clock case in good shape.  Contact him at  kld40@roadrunner.com  or 330 852-2224 (5/28/18)


PAM or neon clocks

Grant Spesard is looking for PAM or neon electric clocks.  The bigger the better, trades welcome.  Contact him at gspesard@gmail.com  (6/16/18)