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Looking for something in particular?  A clock, or a part?  Send us an email with a description of the item sought,include a picture if possible.  Well post your ad here! 
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Seth Thomas austin

Johnny Ingram is looking for a Seth Thomas Austin for his Museum (www.musumofmeasurementandtime.org).  Contact him at jingram663@aol.com   (8/16/17)

Self-winding clock co. shelf clock dial

Jim Krause is looking for a dial used on Self-Winding Clock Co. cast iron shelf clocks, like the one shown.   It fits a 5-inch opening and is 5 13/16" maximum outer diameter.  Contact him at jwkrause@verizon.net   (8/16/17)

Seth Thomas No. 113 movement

Keith Doster is searching for a Seth Thomas 113 movement for parts.  I specifically need the pendulum leader, but would be willing to buy an entire (or mostly entire) movement.  I've been watching eBay for some time now, and they are either complete movements that are over priced (as far as I'm concerned), or complete clocks.  I really only need a parts movement that includes the leader.

Contact him at keithsclocks@gmail.com.   (8/27/17)

Ithaca bank No. 0

Jim O'Neill is looking for a Ithaca Bank No. 0 calendar clock (Aren't we all?).  Contact him at jimoh1948@yahoo.com.    (8/27/17)

Fashion Calendar Clock No. 7 half-top

Joe Simcox is looking for a Fashion No. 7 half-top calendar clock (Aren't we all?).  Contact him at josephsimcox@yahoo.com.     (8/28/17)

waltham miniature banjo

James Bond (007) is looking for a Waltham miniature banjo in good condition. Will pay TOP DOLLAR!  contact him at bojam924@gmail.com or 858 278-3007.   (9/13/17)

Seth Thomas No. 10 Office Calendar finials and dial

Jeff Beeler is looking for the bottom finials and calendar dial for a Seth Thomas No. 10 Office Calendar wall clock.  The clock is walnut; he has the bezel and dial board.  Contact him at 210-262-5036,rusty_stuff46@yahoo.com (9/17/17)

Front glass knob for a le coultre atmos clock

Darrell Combs  is looking for a front glass knob for a Le Coultre Atmos clock, caliber 528-8.  It has an arrow on it.  Contact him at ye_ole_man@comcast.net.  (9/20/17)

Five-rod chime unit for a german bracket clock

Darrell Combs  is looking a 5-rod chime for a German bracket clock; a cast-iron cylinder with the rods set at 90.  It has a two-hole mounting base set a 90 to the rods on the cylinder end.  Longest rod is 10 inches.  Contact him at ye_ole_man@comcast.net.  (9/20/17)

Large cuckoo-quail or quail clock

Jay Evans is looking for a large cuckoo-quail clock, or just a quail Black Forest clock.  Contact him at EAGLE4@ATT.NET.  (10/3/17)

Seth Thomas No. 62 movement, pendulum, and knurled weight

Bruce Dyer is looking for a No. 62 movement, pendulum, and weight for a Seth Thomas No. 17 Regulator.  If you know of one available please contact him at oakpoint@gmail.com.  (10/19/17)

BEha 508 Mantel Cuckoo clock

John O'Brien is looking for a Beha 508 mantel cuckoo clock.  Contact him at obrien_1911@msn.com.  (10/28/17)


Mounting Brackets for a Jeweler's REgulator

Fred Mackey is looking for cast iron mounting brackets for a jeweler's regulator.  Either Swiss or French.  Please contact him at fmackey1956@yahoo.com.  (10/28/17)

Movement for a Miniature Mark Leavenworth

R. Bane Hartwell is looking for a movement for a Mark Leavenworth miniature pillar & scroll.  Contact him at banehartwell@gmail.com.  (10/31/17)

Welch Green Paperweight Jewel clock

David Blackburn is looking for a movement for an E. N. Welch green paperweight jewel clock, preferably complete and running, but will also buy just the glass case.  Contact him at dblackb@comcast.net or 615 574-5800.   (11/5/17)


Ansonia "Gloria" Swinger

Bill DeVore is looking for an Ansonia "Gloria" swinger in original condition.  Contact Bill at bill@tntproperties.com or call him at 704 564-4591.  (11/8/17)

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Seth Thomas No. 10 Regulator

JC Hoffman would like to buy a Seth Thomas No. 10 Regulator in excellent original condition.  Should be easy to find.  Contact him at jchoffman@roadrunner.com or 740 255-0251 if you have one to spare.   (11/18/17)

Seth Thomas No. 10 Office Calendar finials and dial

Jeff Beeler is looking for the bottom finials and calendar dial for a Seth Thomas No. 10 Office Calendar wall clock.  The clock is walnut; he has the bezel and dial board.  Contact him at 210-262-5036,rusty_stuff46@yahoo.com (9/17/17)

Tiffany Never-wind pendulum hanger

Jim Krause is looking for the pendulum hanger part for the early model Tiffany never wind movement or a donor movement if it has this part.  This has a spring loaded contact that is open when the pendulum is removed and is pushed up to complete the circuit when the pendulum is attached.  See photos.  Contact him at jwkrause@verizon.net   (11/20/17)

Dials for Sempire clocks

Duane Robeck is looking for a 6-inch dial for a Sempire mantel clock and for a  12-inch dial for a Sempire wall clock.  Also, a 12-inch dial and whole or partial movement for a Rempke Manufacturing  Co. clock, Danville, PA, and miscellaneous Rempke parts.   Contact him at duaner@bevcomm.net (11/26/17)

Dial for Seth Thomas Self-Winding clock

Nathan Chapman is looking for a 14-inch dial for a Seth Thomas No. 1 self-winding clock.  Contact him at fitter152@yahoo.com (11/29/17)

Six-ball torsion pendulum for Aaron Crane clock

Norman Tallan is looking for a six-ball torsion pendulum for a Crane year clock, as shown.  Contact him at tallannm@sbcglobal.net or 614 753- 1331 (12/2/17)



Carved miniature Mark Leavenworth clock

Jim Stehlik is looking for a carved miniature Mark Leavenworth clock.  Contact him at jstehlik@aol.com or call 419 215-3108 (12/3/17)

Henry Lapaute French clock

Keith Jackson (Whoa, Nellie!) is looking for a French clock made by Henry Lapaute appropriate to fit in a home.  Contact him at kajackson03@embarqmail.com (12/3/17)

Calendar hands for Seth Thomas "Peanut" and Fashion No. 5

Perry Larimer is looking for calendar hands for a Seth Thomas "Peanut" and a Fashion No. 5.  Contact him at plarimer123@gmail.com  (12/5/17)

Gilbert Amphion

Steve Seymour is looking for a Gilbert Amphion.  Contact him at time32752@aol.com  (12/16/17)

Fashion R.T. Andrews Patent calendar movement

Complete, clean, and functional with great original rollers.  Used on Fashion and Seth Thomas clocks after 1876.

Seller:  Bill Mills
Location:  Baroda MI
Price:  $300
Shipping:   $19.50
Contact:    wmills422@comcast.net

Posted:  Jan 13

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New Listing!

E. Howard Model 75

Chris Shrubsall is looking for an E. Howard Model 75, original or reissue.  Contact him at 1951@gmail.com or 912 552-7890  (2/4/18)